Monday, June 27, 2016

Warwulf - In the Glare of a Dying Horizon

A full year after the initial CD release, Acheronian Productions now releases the tape version of In the Glare of a Dying Horizon. An evolution on Warwulf's singular ferocity, In the Glare... tempers the proud defiance with an air of inexorable decay and loss. This tape edition contains one bonus track not on the CD version: "Rebirth of a Nightfall." Written over a decade ago, this track remained unrecorded until recently, and only now sees the fading light of day.

. . .the last vestiges of of a crumbling empire, swathed in mist. . .

Available as both regular (silver imprinting on black tapes) and special editions (gold imprinting on smoke-tinted tapes, includes two buttons).

Listen to the album here.

Price is $6.00 for the regular edition, $8.00 for the special edition.

This release is AP - 002.