Thursday, December 3, 2015

Warwulf - The Archetype of Destruction

Acheronian Productions is proud to announce the release of Warwulf's The Archetype of Destruction for the first time on pro-tape. Originally released on CD in 2013 by Thor's Hammer Productions and Darker Than Black, Warwulf's debut album marked a new high point for the band. Although it's not a significant departure from Warwulf's earlier works, The Archetype of Destruction saw the savage, imperial riffing and caustic vocals honed to a deadly edge. 32 minutes of proud black metal.

Available as both regular (silver imprinting on black tapes) and special editions (gold printing on clear tapes with black liner, includes Warwulf logo patch).

Listen to a sample track here.

Price is $6.00 for the regular edition, $8.00 for the special edition.

To order, visit our webstore.

This release is AP - 001.