Tuesday, August 4, 2015

МОROK - "And I Walk Among the Shadows..."

The gates of Acheronian Productions have opened. There will be no pseudo-religious statements proclaiming divine or nefarious intent. No hollow declarations wreathed in pompous, obfuscatory babble. No self-indulgent drivel about supporting a "scene."

Our releases will speak for themselves. 

The first of these is МОROK's debut album "And I Walk Among the Shadows..."

A 44 minute chronicle of hate and madness birthed by Severoth (Endless Battle, Galdur, Severoth), "And I Walk Among the Shadows..." is an uncompromising album of primeval emotion split into two parts; one of barbaric fury and one of melancholy. Drawing on Ukrainian folklore and demonology for inspiration, "And I Walk Among the Shadows..." explores the feral, destructive side of man's existence as well as the strength of nature. 

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Price is $8.00 USD. 

Listen to a preview track here.

Released in conspiracy with Werewolf Promotion of Poland.

To order, visit our webstore. European customers are encouraged to order from either Severoth himself (severothocculta@gmail.com) or Werewolf Promotion.

This release is AP - 003.